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About the Project

Welcome to the Open Pixel Art project.

This is an art project created with the intention to teach you how to create a pull request.

Anyone who wishes to learn how to create a pull request for a project on GitHub can use this project to contribute a pixel to the canvas. You will only be able to ever create one pixel but you can pix whatever color you prefer as long as it is a valid HEX code. For example: #F22F46 the brand color of Twilio

If you are new to open-source, GitHub or git in general, fear not, we created a tutorial in TwilioQuest for you. It will teach you step by step on how you can get started and will guide you on your quest of creating your pull request.

Download TwilioQuest

The entire project is automated and is largely maintained by a set of bots that will verify any pixel contributions. However, if you'd like to know more about the project or submit other contributions to the project that are not a pixel, feel free to create a GitHub issue inside the Open Pixel Art project.

Contribute a Pixel

In order to contribute a pixel to the canvas, you'll have to create a pull request to the Open Pixel Art project on GitHub.

If you are already familiar with git and how to create a pull request on GitHub, you can go ahead and check out the contributing guide.

We understand that contributing to open-source can be intimidating and as a result we created a mission in our interactive coding game TwilioQuest that will walk you step by step through creating a pull request for this project and help you embark on your new quest into open-source!

Download TwilioQuest Check out the Contributing Guide

Thank you for Contributing

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project! You can find the whole list of contributors on GitHub.

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